car leasing guideAuto leasing has become very popular in the last few years as consumers are challenged to find affordable automobile financing alternatives in the current economy. Car leasing has grown to record levels never before seen.

Many people who could benefit from leasing a car have misconceptions, don’t know how it works, or how to determine if it’s right for them. Some people now leasing are paying too much because they didn’t know a good lease deal from a bad one.

Buy Lease helps you understand auto leasing, how to lease a car the smart way, who should lease (and who should not), how to find monthly lease payments, calculate lease vs buy, and how to get the best lease deals.

“Your site is fantastic. Thank you for the comprehensive and logical explanation of leasing. I feel prepared to step into the dealers domain and get a fair and good deal for myself. Your site is the absolute best site on the web for leasing information.”  Nancy –
“Your Lease Kit saved me over $1,200 over a 3 year lease through BMW financial services. The dealer tried to use a higher money factor then they quoted me in writing and the result was a payment that was $38.00 more each month than it should have been.”  G. Nevius –


Need a Quick Guide to Leasing? On a Smartphone?

Not everyone has the time to read our comprehensive Lease Guide before they go in search of their dream car lease deal. For them, we’ve put together a Basic Guide to Car Leasing or if you are using a mobile phone, you may find our new Mobile Car Lease Guide site helpful. 

Best Lease Deals

Whether you lease or buy, price is the most important factor in getting a great deal. The lower the price, the lower the payment. You can haggle long and hard with a dealer to get a good price, or do it the easy way — get free price quotes online from a car pricing service such as TrueCar and Edmunds. For best results, get multiple prices from both, compare, and go with the best deal.

When negotiating car lease price it’s important to know dealer invoice price and what other people are paying. Otherwise, you won’t know what price to negotiate for. You can view these prices at, an invaluable web site for anyone thinking about buying or leasing a car.

Car Leases for Less Than $200 a Month – 2016

Auto makers frequently offer special limited-time lease deals on selected car makes and models for less than $200/month payment. These are genuinely good deals and are well worth considering for people looking for an affordable way to drive a new car. See Car Lease Deals – Less Than $200 a Month in 2016 for more details.

New Mobile Version of Lease Guide – Lease.Guide

Check out our new mobile web site, Lease.Guide, that has been specifically designed for smartphone users who want a more condensed, quick to read, version of our well-known web site. It includes important car leasing advice and information, as well as a mobile-friendly Lease Payment Calculator.

Lease or Buy? That is the Question

It’s natural for anyone considering car leasing to wonder if it’s better to lease, or to buy. The fact is that one way will nearly always be better in any given situation. Therefore, it’s important to understand how each method works and get an objective comparison for making a correct decision. See Lease vs Buy? Which is Better? and our Lease vs Buy Calculator.

Zero $0 Down Car Leases – Really?

Yes, in fact most car leases can be structured with zero down payment, except for possibly some special promotional lease deals being offered by car manufacturers where a down payment might be required to get the special deal. But there’s a difference between “zero down payment” and “zero cash due at lease signing.” Learn the difference in our article, Lease a Car With No Down Payment.

Why Are New Cars Getting More Expensive to Buy, Finance, and Lease?

If you think that new cars have been becoming less affordable every year, you would be right. But you might not know all the reasons, and there are many, some that you might not be aware of. Read our article, Disturbing Trends for New Car Buyers, for more details.

Get Out of Your Lease Quickly, Easily, and Cheaply

Swapalease is the best way to avoid the high cost and penalties of ending a lease early with your lease finance company. They find a willing “buyer” who wants your car and will take over your lease.

Find a Cheap Used Car Lease or Short-Term Lease

Swapalease has almost-new cars ready to be taken over from people who may be desperate to get out of their existing leases. It’s the best way to get a great car with no taxes, only a small fee, and little or no money down — often with cash back.

Not Sure You Want to Lease?

Leasing works well for many people, but not for everyone. If you think you might want to buy instead of lease, look for the best manufacturer incentives and special offers on our partner web site, Best Car Deals, and see the deals that are currently available right now. The listings are updated each month since they change month-to-month. If you see something you like, go for it before it expires.

Full Coverage Insurance is Required for Leasing

Just as when buying a car with a loan, full coverage insurance is required before you drive your leased car off of the dealer’s lot. Since full coverage insurance can be expensive and rates vary widely between companies, it pays to compare free quotes from different companies, preferably those who understand leasing. Get a free online auto lease  insurance quote from Esurance & start saving today !

Car Lease Buyout – Should You Purchase Your Leased Car?

Does it make sense to buy your leased car either at normal lease-end, or before the end? What are the benefits? Should you do an early buyout? What does it really accomplish? And what are the potential problems? We explain it all and provide the answers in our easy-to-read article, Car Lease Buyout – Good Idea or Not?

Not Sure Which Lease Calculator You Need?

We provide a convenient Guide to Lease Calculators that lists and explains each of almost a dozen different car lease calculators that we offer on this web site. Each has a special purpose and we tell you which is the best for your particular purpose.  Most are unique and not found anywhere else on the Internet.

   Did You Know … ?

TrueCar - Guaranteed Savings  300x250Did you know that vehicle price is the most important part of negotiating a car lease deal? In fact, it is the only part of a lease that a dealer can negotiate. All other factors such as money factor, residual value, and acquisition fee are already set by the lease finance company. Therefore, it’s important to know that you should always get the best price possible on a vehicle before you agree to lease. One way to do that is by using an online car pricing service such as, where you’ll not only find out what other price other people are getting, but also get a low price guarantee that will be honored by dealers in your area.

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