Lease Mileage Calculator

 If you are going over your allowed miles on your current car lease, use this lease mileage calculator to determine your lease-end projected total miles and cost based on your current “burn rate” and per-mile charge from your lease contract.

We also show you how much money you need to put aside (reserve) each month to pay your over-mileage fee at the end of the lease, based on the projections.

If you don’t know your mileage fee (it’s in your lease contract), you can use typical values that are in most leases: $0.15 per mile for vehicles that cost up to $30,000, $0.20 per for vehicles costing up t0 $50,000, and $0.25 for vehicles costing more than $50,000. For some luxury car leases, the fee is $0.30 per mile.

If your average mileage changes anytime after using this calculator, come back and use it again to re-calculate your lease-end excess-miles charge.

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