Al Hearn created in 1995 when the Internet’s World Wide Web was in it’s infancy. Although already a seasoned technology sales, marketing, and training consultant, he was not experienced in the relatively new field of automobile leasing.

Nevertheless, he had leased a brand new car a few years before and, although it turned out to be a great experience, he realized that he actually knew little about how consumer car leasing worked or how to know if he had gotten a good deal. His gut-feel business sense told him it was the right thing to do, but when his family, friends, and associates asked him to explain it, he was at a loss.

Not being comfortable with making high-value financial decisions on nothing more than instincts, Al began researching car leasing. Unfortunately, there was almost nothing to be found in the mainstream media — a couple of really bad books and a few magazine articles. So he used his business acumen to search automotive industry sources to learn everything possible, not only for his own future use, but to be able to explain it to other people.

He soon realized that his new-found knowledge about car leasing was something that could be shared with other interested people via the Internet. And so the first version of was born. It has been redesigned, expanded, and improved many times since then. It has become the leading source of unbiased car lease advice and information. It has been viewed by millions of people, thanked by thousands, and trusted by loyal users who have come back time after time as they begin new leases.

For all of those who have shown their appreciation by trusting our advice, expressing their thanks, buying our unique Lease Kit, and considering our sponsors, we say thank you.