Car Lease Deal Calculator – 2018 Version

Evaluate Any Car Lease Deal – Good or Bad

Use the Car Lease Deal Calculator to easily and quickly evaluate any lease deal to determine whether the deal is good or bad — and use it to compare different leases. Which one is the best deal? The higher the score, the better the lease. Replace the values in the calculator below with your own numbers to evaluate your own car lease deal.

Be aware that advertised car lease deals assume the customer has excellent credit. If you have a less-than-excellent credit score, the payment amount can be higher than advertised.

Vehicle Make and Model
(sticker price)
full price, not negotiated price
Lease Term lease months
Down Payment
not including 1st payment, tax, fees
or Allowance
only if it can be combined with lease
Monthly Payment
not including sales tax

Real Lease Value Score
Based on your Real Lease Value SCORE of 77, this Acura ILX lease deal rates as -

* Lease payments are partially determined by a lease finance rate, which depends on a customer’s credit score.
If you don’t know your current credit score , you should get it before you go shopping for a lease.
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Vehicle PRICE is the most important factor in a car lease deal. Find the best car prices and lease deals in your area using our
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Evaluate those deals for yourself using this Lease Deal Calculator.

How Lease Deals are Evaluated by This Calculator

This Lease Deal Calculator is a unique kind of lease calculator that evaluates any car lease deal against industry-average leases. It compares total lease costs with a car’s MSRP, given the length of the lease and down payment, if any — and any rebate or allowance that can be combined with the lease. The result is a RLV (Real Lease Value) score that instantly tells you whether the lease is a good deal or not.

Car lease deals cannot be evaluated by monthly payment amount alone. What seems to be a low payment can easily be a bad deal. To accurately evaluate a lease deal, the total cost of the lease must be compared to the initial value of the vehicle — MSRP. The lower the total lease cost measured against MSRP, the better the deal. The cost of a lease is reflected in the monthly payment, which is the result of a combination of factors such as cap cost, residual value, money factor, down payment, and lease term (months).

We assign each evaluated deal a RLV score that is inversely related to the results of this comparison. That means the higher the score, the better the car lease deal. If you are evaluating and comparing multiple lease deals, the deal with the higher score is the best deal.

Scores have a broad range of values but generally fall between 50 and 100. A RLV score below 50 is considered a POOR car lease deal, and a score of 90 or higher is an OUTSTANDING deal (some deals can score 100 or more). Scores are rated on a 5-level scale of Poor / Average / Good / Excellent / Outstanding.

Normal customer-negotiated lease deals typically rate AVERAGE to GOOD. Limited-time “subvented” car lease deals offered by car manufacturers through its dealers will typically rate GOOD to EXCELLENT, occasionally reaching the OUTSTANDING level.

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