Car Lease Calculator
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Cap Cost Vehicle price plus any other costs
Cap Cost Reduction Down payment, if any
Trade-In Trade-in credit, if any
Residual Lease-end value
Lease Term Lease length in months
Interest Rate % Money factor times 2400
Tax Rate % Local sales tax rate
See result below
Payment = $ + $     payment  +  tax

Lease Payment Calculator Guide

Use this easy car lease calculator to find monthly payment amount and sales tax on each payment (in most states) by entering basic lease parameters.

Cap Cost is the negotiated price of the vehicle, plus any other costs that will be financed in the lease.

Cap Cost Reduction is any cash down payment, sales tax credit, or rebate. It serves to reduce monthly payment amount.

Trade-In Credit is the amount offered for a trade-in vehicle. It acts as a down payment.

Residual is the estimated value of a vehicle at the end of a lease.

Lease Term is the number of months in a lease.

Interest Rate is the APR finance rate. If you have Money Factor, multiply by 2400 to get APR rate

Tax Rate should be used here only if your state taxes individual monthly lease payments. Otherwise, leave blank.

Monthly Payment is calculated from the above parameters using the standard lease payment formula.

Sales Tax is only applicable in those states that tax monthly payments and do not require full tax payment up front.

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