Best Car for Teens in 2018

What is the best car overall for teenagers? Deciding on the best car for a teenage driver depends on who is doing the deciding — the teens or their parents. Teenagers and parents tend to have different objectives and priorities when it comes to cars, although it’s usually not difficult for the two parties to come to a mutually agreeable decision, especially when each party is willing to compromise a little. To get you answers, … Read More

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Car Financing for Teens – How It Works

Auto Financing for Teenagers Teenage drivers often consider an auto loan — financing — as a way of getting the car they want. But it isn’t always the best solution. It might be no solution at all, especially for those under 18 years old. For those 18 or over, there may be a number of financing options. Be Careful Taking a Dealer’s Advice Many teens make the mistake of taking dealers’ advice regarding financing and … Read More

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Car Leasing for Teens

Is leasing a car a good idea for teens? Teenage drivers looking for an affordable way to get a car often look at leasing with its attractive low monthly payments — about half the monthly payment amount required to purchase the same car with a loan. But is leasing right for teenage drivers? First, let’s say that leasing a car is not possible for anyone less than 18 years old — because leasing is a form of … Read More

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