Car Leasing Resources

Car Prices — MSRP – Invoice – Market Prices

Car company web sites contain basic MSRP pricing but no invoice or market pricing. The sites also list time-limited current promotional incentive deals. They also contain local dealer information, based on zip code.

Online car pricing service companies such as Edmunds and Car Deal Finder provide MSRP, Invoice, and Market prices for all vehicle makes and models. They also provide free price quotes from local dealers, which eliminates the need for long stressful haggling when buying or leasing a new car.

    Car Research

An important part of successful car buying and leasing is doing your homework before visiting a dealer’s store. Fortunately, all of the information and data you need is already online waiting for you. Vehicle information, reviews recommendations, and ratings can be found at sources such as:

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required to drive a vehicle, yet cost can vary widely depending on the insurance provider company. Cost is particularly important when leasing a car because lease companies require a higher level of coverage than is typically required by state laws. You can get multiple free quotes from insurance companies or brokers and go with the best deal. Here are companies we recommend:



    Vehicle Safety Ratings

Current safety ratings for most vehicles can be found at these sources:

    Lease Transfer / Short-Term Leases

The following companies provide help for people looking to quickly and inexpensively exit a car lease, or to find a no-down-payment short-term lease of an almost new car.

Exit your lease EARLY with NO PENALTIES!

    Extended Warranties

The following companies provide extended vehicle warranties, which would be needed if you plan to drive your car for longer than the manufacturer’s warranty provides coverage.

   Credit Scores and Credit Reports

Credit is the key to getting great car financing and leasing deals. Special promotional deals from car companies required that customers be “well qualified” (have high credit scores). There are three credit bureaus in the U.S. which means we have 3 different reports and scores. Car dealers and finance companies may look at one or all of those scores. It’s a good idea for car shoppers to always know their current scores. The following companies provide services that allow you to see your credit report and score.