Lease Payment Estimator

Estimate Car Lease Payments
Vehicle Price Vehicle price plus any other costs
Down Payment Down payment, if any
Trade-In Trade-in credit, if any
Lease Term Lease length in months
$ Estimated Lease Payment

Lease Payment Estimation Method

Use this car lease estimator calculator to find estimated monthly payment amount, before sales tax is applied. This calculator is best used when some of the details of a lease are not known — factors such as the negotiated lease price, money factor, fees, and residual value. The estimate is done using average values for those factors. If the actual values of these factors are known, using our Lease Calculator will provide a much more accurate result.

MSRP is the sticker price of the vehicle

Down Payment is any cash that will be paid at the time the lease is signed

Trade-In Credit is the value of a trade-in vehicle (use or

Lease Term is the number of lease months — 36 months is most common

Monthly Payment is calculated using the -industry standard lease payment formula.

This calculator only provides a general estimate of car lease payments when all the detailed information is not yet available. It is not meant to predict the actual payment of a lease for which the detailed data is available. Other calculators on this web site should be used to calculate actual payment amounts when all lease data is available.

Lease payments for special manufacturer-sponsored leases will be much lower than those produced by this estimate calculator. That’s because those deals include discounted lease prices, high lease-end residuals, and low money factors — all of which create much lower payments than normal leases.

Note that this calculator doesn’t tell if you a lease deal is good or bad. It only produces an estimated payment. To evaluate a proposed or actual lease, use the special calculators in our Lease Kit or, for a quick evaluation, use our Lease Deal Calculator.


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