Lease Option

The term, lease option, in car financing typically refers to the availability of leasing as one of the ways to acquire a new car. The other options are 1) paying cash, and 2) a loan.

All car dealers offer leasing as a option for those who prefer it. For many automotive consumers, leasing offers advantages. Approximately 30% of all new-car sales today are leases.  Luxury cars are leased at even higher rates.

Although having a lease option is attractive, consumers are warned to make sure they understand how car leasing works and how to determine if leasing is right for them.

That’s what this web site is all about. We start with our 15-part Lease Guide, then our Lease Payment Calculator, and our optional Lease Kit.

We also include a Lease Deal Calculator, Frequently Asked Questions with answers, a Glossary of terms related to car buying and leasing, and a popular Lease versus Buy Calculator.

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