Guide to Lease Calculators

What Lease Calculator Do I Need?

Lease Calculator Guide offers a variety of unique calculators that are designed for the specific needs of car leasing consumers. This is a guide to help determine which calculator is best for your particular need.

Lease Payment Calculator – Determines monthly car lease payment and total lease cost, including taxes, when all the important figures, such as money factor and residual value,  are known

Lease Deal Calculator – Rates whether a car lease deal is a good deal, or a bad deal, or just an average deal, based on MSRP, down payment, and monthly payment

Lease vs Buy Calculator – Compares the costs of buying and leasing a car, including monthly payments, financial fees, taxes, and total costs

Lease Payment Estimator – Provides an estimate of monthly lease payment amount when most of the key figures, such as money factor and residual value, are not known

Lease Evaluator – Part of our Lease Kit, this calculator evaluates any car lease offer and determines if it’s a good deal or not, and tells you exactly why

Lease Mileage Calculator – Calculates predicted lease mileage overages and fees in situations in which there is a chance of exceeding mileage allowances

Mobile Lease Calculator – Calculates car lease payments although a bit less comprehensive than our full-featured Lease Payment Calculator, and more suited to smartphones, especially Apple iPhones that don’t support Adobe Flash

Money Factor Calculator – Converts lease money factor to APR interest rate, or APR interest rate to money factor

Car Loan Calculator – Calculates car loan payments, which is especially useful when comparing loan to lease offers

Lease Inspector – Part of our Lease Kit, this calculator evaluates any car lease deal from the figures itemized in a lease contract. Typically used after a lease has been signed when a copy of the lease contract is in hand

Lease Residual Calculator – Part of our Lease Kit, it provides average lease-end residual percentages for all vehicle makes and models, and converts the percentages to dollar values


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