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What an awesome website!!! I found your website the night before I started negotiating on my lease. Initially, I hesitated on purchasing the Lease Kit, but because it was only $20, I went ahead with the purchase because I figured that it was only $20. Well, the result…I think it’s the best $20 I have ever spent in my life!!!



Just an FYI …..the $19.95 I just spent on your guide [Lease Kit] saved me $3,276.00 over the term of the lease. Keep up the GREAT work.


About the Lease Kit

The Lease Kit complements our Lease Guide and contains additional information, tools, and vehicle lease data that are needed to evaluate and transact an actual car leasing deal — whether it's getting into a lease or getting out.

The Lease Kit is clearly organized and explained so that it can be easily used by anyone who is considering leasing.

Easy purchase and immediate use

When you purchase the Lease Kit, it's all conveniently online, ready to use instantly, anytime you want, for as long as you want. This is a unique set of proven leasing aids that you won't find in books, elsewhere on the Internet, or anywhere else for that matter. And it's 100% satisfaction-guaranteed.

Thousands of users

The Lease Kit has many thousands of satisfied users in the US and Canada who have used it to help them get good car lease deals. It has been continually improved and updated since it was first introduced in 1995. The latest version is now online.

Many of our loyal customers tell us they are using their automatically updated Lease Kit for their second, third, or even fourth car lease since originally purchasing it years ago.

Some of our customers have told us they are using their Lease Kits on their wireless laptops, smartphones, iPads, or iPhones to analyze lease deals right in the dealer's showroom.


How the Lease Kit Helps

Planning a lease?

  • Do you know which specific auto makes/models make the best — and worst — leases? [Vehicle Lease Ratings]
  • Do you know which vehicle makes/models you will be able to afford to lease? [Affordability Calculator]
  • Do you know what would be a fair monthly payment for the car you're considering leasing? [Lease Evaluator]
  • Do you know exactly what figures and information you need when shopping for lease deals? [Lease Worksheet]
  • Will you know what an actual lease contract form looks like before you are asked to sign one? [Lease Contract / Checklist]
  • Do you know how to get estimated lease-end residual values for planning your lease before you visit a dealer? [Residual Calculator]
  • Do you want a complete print-friendly version of our Lease Guide in book format? [Lease Guide Book]
  • Do you know how to get dealers to e-mail or fax you competitive lease quotes without visiting the dealer first? [Bonus Feature]

Already considering a lease deal?

  • Do you know how to determine whether a lease deal offer is good or bad, and how it rates? [Lease Evaluator]
  • Do you know how lease payments compare to loan payments for the same vehicle? [Lease Payment Tables]
  • Do you know how to quickly determine and verify a dealer's payment figures if you're not comfortable with the math or don't have a computer with you as you shop? [Lease Payment Tables and Lease Worksheet]
  • Do you know which vehicle makes/models have the most price bargaining room? [Dealer Profit Margins]
  • Do you know the longest lease term, in months, that you should agree to for the vehicle you're considering? [Max Lease Terms]
  • Do you know all the critical items in your lease contract that you should check for before you sign and commit to a deal? [Lease Contract / Checklist]

In a lease now?

  • Do you know how to use the figures right from your lease contract and evaluate your deal — good or bad — and whether dealer mistakes were made? [Lease Inspector] [Lease Contract /Checklist]
  • Do you know how to determine if you should buy out or purchase your leased vehicle before the normal end of your lease? [Early Termination Guide]
  • Do you know what steps you should take before the end of your lease — especially if you're facing excessive mileage or wear and tear charges? [Lease-End Advisor]

Ending a lease?

  • Do you know each of the possible options for ending your lease early, and how to determine which method is best for your particular lease situation? [Early Termination Guide]
  • Do you understand the important legal language in your lease contract that deals with ending a lease? [Lease Contract / Checklist]
  • Do you know how to determine if buying your car at the end of your lease makes sense? Or selling? Or trading? Or returning? Or extending? [Lease-End Advisor]


What are the advantages of the Lease Kit?

  • Immediate online access using your Internet browser
  • Easy to use with complete instructions, explanations, and examples
  • Can be used with any PC, Apple Mac, WebTV, Tablet computers with Internet connection
  • Can be used with Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or smartphones with WiFi or mobile Internet connection
  • No waiting for CD-ROM shipments or mail delivery
  • No file downloads or installation steps required
  • All features and results can be printed for easy off-line reference
  • One-time charge, no subscription fees, no renewal fees
  • Lifetime access, anytime, as often as needed
  • Future updates and new features are automatic and free
  • Extra bonus feature included: Dealer lease quotes via e-mail/fax
  • Free: Complete Lease Guide ebook, all articles, print-friendly version
  • 100% money-back, no questions asked, no-risk guarantee


How do I get the Lease Kit ?

Get Lease KitEasy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the Get It Now button.

The price of the Lease Kit is only $19.95, one-time payment, lifetime use, automatic free updates, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

You'll be using your Lease Kit in just a couple of minutes.


Is the Lease Kit up to date?

Yes, the contents and data in the Kit are updated as required, which can be about every two weeks during the most active part of the automotive year (September-November). Otherwise, it is updated about once per month. Each time you use your Kit you'll automatically get the latest data, regardless of when you purchased.

What vehicles are covered by the Lease Kit ?

If you are considering a new car lease, plan to lease, or have recently leased, you can check here to make sure the Lease Kit covers your vehicle make and model. (If this link doesn't work, try this one instead).

Note: If you are ending a lease early or coming to the normal end of your lease, your vehicle make and model do not matter. Our Early Termination Guide, Contract/Checklist, and Lease-End Advisor, in our Lease Kit, are not dependent on the specific type of vehicle. So don't be concerned if your vehicle is an older model that is no longer in our list.


The Lease Kit is Canadian compatible, with the restriction that certain vehicle makes/models sold only in Canada and not in the U.S., such as the Acura EL, Buick Allure, Chevrolet Epica, Kia Magentis, and Pontiac Pursuit, are not included. Calculators and evaluators work with both U.S. and Canadian dollars (calculators don't care what currency is used - math is the same).